If one or more symptomps are observed, an osteopathic therapy is advised:

  • inflexibility or stiffness and resistance against any aids of the rider
  • all forms of lameness
  • after an illness, especially if changes in the locomotor system remain existent
  • if the horse doesn't willingly lift hooves
  • on onesided posture of the head and/or tail
  • neck inflexibility or stiffness, inability to set or bend the horse
  • if complications occured when foaling
  • after an accident, to treat complications that may not necessarily be obvious
  • during times of low performance
  • after refusing on obstacles
  • in case of lack of responsiveness, tail striking or clock errors
  • signs of pain in general
  • if chewing seldomly occurs during work

Being a licensed equine osteopath and to ensure the wellbeing of the treated horse I work in collaboration with the vet, blacksmith, saddler and trainer. Of course I only work in close coordination with the rider/owner.